What makes the Good Morning Pillow so great?

The ability to make a fully customizable pillow!  Truly the first of it's kind!  The inside of the GMP is made up of 5 different layers of foam.  The different layers allows you to set the perfect alignment between your head and spine while sleeping. Sleeping in alignment makes for a great nights sleep and a GOOD MORNING.

What type of foam is inside of the Good Morning Pillow?

Two types of foam- gel foam (the blue one) and memory foam (the white one).  It is best to have the gel foam as your top layer to keep you cool at night.  We know you are cool but this will make you cool even at night!

Can I use other pillows at the same time I am using the Good Morning Pillow?

The Good Morning Pillow does play nice with other pillows! However once you set your GMP perfect to your needs it is suggested to only use alone for best alignment.  As always you can use other pillows as desired in other areas of the bed.